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SharpEDG Overview

SharpEDG provides “quality-centric” innovative solutions that solve growing challenges, enhance operational performance, and provide clear insight into enterprise, technology systems, and process performance. We specialize in helping our clients identify people and process challenges that may be preventing their organizations from achieving optimal results.

SharpEDG centers our offerings on organizational strategic alignment, transformational change management, service and solution integration, business case and risk analysis, quality assurance and performance monitoring to measure and report results. SharpEDG has full understanding and experience in delivering these services in accordance with federal mandates, regulations, and requirements.

Our goal is to provide solutions to these challenges and further an organization’s objectives and business strategies to achieve the desired results through the integration of all these services and solutions.

Products & Services Offered

SharpEDG employs cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to design, develop, and integrate innovative solutions to address the complex and dynamic challenges of our federal and commercial clients. As a ‘quality-centric’ company, our focus is always on exceptional performance, continuous process improvement, and high-quality service delivery.

At SharpEDG, we prioritize “strategic integration” to ensure an optimal solution to meet our clients’ requirements at both the executive enterprise and program levels, and through incorporating relevant IT needs. SharpEDG provides professional services to our clients by utilizing our robust suite of resources and professional expertise.

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Sophia Edwards

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Email: edwards@sharpedg.com

Phone: (703) 399-4069